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and here is another one in the second round. and that was the biggest one. >> mike: yes. >> joe: that big left hook that clipped him right on the chin. is the one that sent h him scrambling. the first one was basically flat. >> okay. now, going to come down to the last two rounds. here is what i need from you, okay and you win. stay busy. >> okay. >> ten minutes of staying busy, oh, my god, you do that your whole life! >> good movement. making him miss. when you make him miss your counter is beautiful. all right. make him miss and counter it hard. he's coming hard. >> joe: greg jackson in the corner always sounds like he is coaching little league. gets excited once a year whether he needs to or not. >> mike: i think it is once, though. and then hands a t. off you to mike winklejohn. both men in great hands right there in the corner with the training partners. dodson and johnson.
7:01 pm
championship round. >> joe: nice leg kick there by dodson. >> mike: stay busy. you heard the corner. johnson has landed more significant strikes in this fight. >> joe: he has just been more busy whereas dodson is slipping to the one homerun hit. >> mike: with the counter again. johnson busy again, joe. good example of what you spoke of. dives in looking for a takedown. and he gets it. >> joe: but it is low on thigh control. the hip escape is possible and dodson gets it. front headlock, though. holding there. got to be careful. >> mike: the hand down for dodson. >> mike: hands to the ground.
7:02 pm
come here. come here. >> joe: let's take a look at it. as soon as the hand touches it becomes illegal to throw a knee and that is a clear violation of the known rules. and he is looking at it like he is shocked but should have been aware of that. >> mike: look at where the knee landed. >> look at me with your bad eye? am i ugly? >> the answer would be, yes. >> here is the knee. >> john mccarthy. >> joe: what is the right answer there? >> the answer is, yes. >> joe: there is a big difference.
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>> good? doing all right? >> tell me when you are -- i want you to get feeling good. >> joe: one more time, folks. a clean illegal shot. the hands down. a blatant violation here. i don't think that he realized it. i mean i don't want to speak for him. i don't want to think that he realized it but e should have been aware. >> ready? fight. >> mike: the battle continues. >> joe: he apologized. >> but the damage is done. that is a shot. >> mike: a great point. we have seen that before, joe. >> joe: yes. >> mike: and jorge rivera is a great example. some of the damage is done already. now, dodson seems more fired up. shot to the body. >> joe: would i would like
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dodson to continue to attack the legs the way he was doing earlier. he has to slow down some of the movement and there is only one way to do that. because demetrious is not going to get tired. >> mike: slow down the movement. do some damage. total strikes in the fight. the champion with over 100. to the challenger's 7. 71. >> joe: becomes a real problem now that you enter into the fourth and fifth rounds. unchartered territory for dodson and his confidence and his conditioning becomes questionable. whereas johnson pressing forward. sail thing. light on the toes. constantly attacking. and if you are watching it, it is hard to score a round like this with dodson unless he connects with a haymaker. >> mike: in he does then he can win and if he doesn't the rounds go away and forced to win that way. >> mike: four takedowns scored
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as well. 8 takedown attempts have been stuck but four scored. and so far, no takedowns on the ledger of john dodson. >> joe: nice left hook of demetrious. you hear matt yelling pressure he is going to break. >> mike: which again goes back to what rob radford talked about. and knowing the fighters from seattle very well and being up there for weeks at a time with rich franklin and working side by side with demetrious johnson. they both throw knees, nice knee he to the body will by d.j. and a nice one to the face. but now johnson -- excuse me, johnson. >> mike: nice and neat. >> joe: watch. >> mike: it's down. >> joe: a stupid rule. it really is. >> mike: a wise move, john, by johnson either way to knee the
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leg, though. >> joe: now, he can knee the head. now, the hands are down and he can't knee the head. almost like from his position it is hard to see where the hand is. >> a great point even when you look back to the other illegal shot. >> joe: just attacking the arm and legs here are. if you are a fighter and you are the agresor, just err on the side of caution the way to handle the rule? >> joe: that is exactly what he is doing. now, he is attacking that leg over and over and over again. forces him to extend with the arms. then he goes for the head. now, back up. now, he knows he can go to the head. from this position, no doubt. it is not low enough to touch the ground. here it gets questionable. >> mike: and now he is -- very solid knee. now, forced to touch. >> mike: andese done. >> joe: now, he goes to the right. but don is controlling his position and this is not where dodson wants to be. >> mike: 30 seconds on the clock. >> joe: this is where you will not get at him. you got to be technical.
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he is getting chewed up here, mike. he tried to get out of it with an explosion to an elbow to the body. you got to do that. >> nice there. >> joe: he got flipped. >> mike: johnson really turning it on here late in the fourth round. d.j. is outchampionshipping h him. >> joe: yes, he is. >> final seconds of this fourth. >> joe: great position of control led to damage. >> have a seat and breathe. have a seat and breathe. >> joe: that was a significant round for the champion. >> calm your breathing down. big breath. big breath. open your mouth. big breath. do it again. one more time. it's worth while. all right, little john. no combos. you got it?
7:08 pm
>> joe: here we see the clinch and look how he is doing this over and over again attacking with the knees to the head. dodson puts his hand down and he switches it up to the legs. as soon as he has -- he has to defend against that he has to adjust and then he goes to the head. >> keep work are for the takedown. pressure. pressure. >> joe: they want him to repeat the strategy. clink and elbow. clinch and knee and pressure. and pressure. >> mike: fifth and final round. the champion demetrious johnson, the challenger john dodson. the ultimate fighter season 14 winner at 135. the first ever champion at 125. five minutes remain in this fight. someone will leave with the belt. our main event. the ufc flyweight championship here on fox ufc saturday.
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nearly 100 kicks landed and many of those, joe, were in the fourth round from the dominant position. >> joe: nice leg kick here by d.j. nice knee to the body. drops down. what a beautifully timed takedown attempt. the speed with which he delivers that is one of the things that really separates him. >> mike: fifth takedown scored by demetrious johnson. >> joe: none by dodson. >> mike: correct. "mighty mouse" has stopped all three of dodson's attempts. >> joe: dodson is in outstanding shape, no question about it but he has slowed down. johnson has not. and then the question remains does dodson have it in him to deliver those powerful blows that he handed in the second -- that he landed in the second that had demetrious in trouble.
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>> mike: definitely behind on the scorecard now after that big fourth round by demetrious johnson. >> joe: we know how confident -- be we might be wrong. >> mike: exactly. maybe. >> joe: people would beaning fry with us. those are nice knees to the body here by dodson. >> mike: check this out. >> joe: he climbed on top of him! he took advantage of the fact that dodson was pressuring him. jumps up high and did it again. holds himself, though, with his knees. >> mike: and there is the pressure. >> joe: and he senses that dodson is slowing down. he is trying to finish here, mike. >> mike: that is one way to not have to worry about a decision going against you is fine fight.finish the >> joe: when johnson thinks he is all oh over him the knees and elbows come. >> mike: boom. under three minutes remain in this fight.
7:11 pm
got knocked down early. but has gone on since. past the midway point of the fifth and final round here on the main event on fox ufc saturday. >> joe: dodson with the takedown attempt. >> mike: and gets one. will just over two minutes now remain. >> joe: right back up. >> mike: dodson has got to unleash here. >> joe: unquestionably.
7:12 pm
>> correct. just really doing a. >> joe: really doing a great job of keeping the pressure on dodson. a nice knee. never lets you breathe. and dodson is responding. he is responding. don d.j. is pressing. again, tore the head. that one hurt him. that one hurt him! >> mike: nearly 170 significant strikes rendered by the champion. >> joe: plenty of time here. this might be it. >> mike: he is up near 200 total strikes. and there is another big knee. >> joe: mixes it up with the body and to the head. again. >> another one. >> joe: oh, man! these are nasty. >> mike: trying to get -- >> joe: oh, to the body! >> mike: on th smile on his face. >> joe: again, dodson can't
7:13 pm
take the knees to the face like this. i don't know if he has enough gas left in the tank to do anything different. >> mike: just hanging in there and trying to absorb his punishment. >> joe: a big championship performance. >> mike: it is. 30 seconds remain and a man who has been there before, joe. >> joe: again, another! again! >> mike: great moves by the champion by "mighty mouse." >> joe: beautiful job with the multiclinch. 123 kicks and knees landed. about to reach 200 significant strikes landed. >> joe: again. stops at 199. >> mike: the official decision of the championship fight when we come back! [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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>> mike: fox ufc saturday is sponsored by bud light. it's the sure sign of a good time. here we go. by the new action movie starring dewane johnson. snitch in theaters february 22. and by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. our main event of the evening inside the united center goes the distance with the official decision, here is bruce buckler. >> ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds we go to the judge's scorecards for the decision. 48-47. 49-46. and 48-47. so the winner and still the undisputed ufc flyweight champion of the world, demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson!
7:17 pm
>> i'm here with the winner and still champion demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson. you have defended your title on fox in a really outstanding fight. give us your thoughts on the fight? >> first off i want to thank everyone. make it was a great fight and working. working on everything and tried to become a better martial artist. >> caught in the second round. were you in any trouble at all? >> i got dazed a bit but i'm in great shape. it is going happen. it is like going swimming you will get smashed and hit. i'm all right. >> congratulations. can't wait to see you fight again. really epit mize what is best about mma. demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson, ladies and gentlemen! >> mike: the championship for the first time. the move of the fight brought to you by metro pcs. 4g lte for all and oh, my goodness. the multiclinch. the knees utilized tonight to
7:18 pm
perfection by demetrious johnson. 200 total significant strikes landed. our metro pcs move of the fight. metro pcs. 4g lte for all. congratulations to the champion demetrious johnson. he has defended his flyweight championship for the very first time. the first things out, take it away. >> thanks a lot. as you mentioned here with the ufc fighters tale and brian and stan talk about the fight we just saw. seemed the way it went is that the champion got stronger as the fight went on. >> i tell you what, the nerds of the world almost had reason to celebrate because john dodson was this close to becoming world champion. i tell you, speed was the key to the fight. the two reminded me of jack rabbits on a date. they were all over the place and they were there so fast. i don't have to deal with anybody like that. brian can attest we don't deal with guys with this kind of
7:19 pm
speed and skill set. it wasn't without controversy. there was an illegal knee. this isn't my opinion. the referee called it it illegal. he stopped the fight. brought the doctors in. he did not take a point away. >> jack rabbits on the date. i thought with bradshaw not beside me i odd haven't to hear animal stories tonight. that's crazy. that was a good one. glover teixeira making sure that everyone knows he has arrived in a unanimous decision over "rampage." >> versatile attack. leg kicks and combinations to the head and the body. and nobody, i don't remember any one taking down quinton jackson that many times and so effortlessly in the history of the ufc while quinton jackson has been here. we did not see jackson with his. a couple of takedown attempts. taking him down on the ground and keeping him standing and glover teixeira showed everyone he is here and a contender. >> we will hear more from him. the flyweight were the main
7:20 pm
event tonight. next saturday the lighterweights take center stage angels the feather weights go at it. >> difficult to see who can challenge you at this point. >> i heard this story before. >> you can never count this kid out. >> one of the best of all time. >> aldo. >> antonio big foot. >> the left-hand. when we are done your late local news comes up followed by a repeat of the ultimate fighter and jon jones and their respective teams and don't forget tune in to fuel tv for the post fight show. for brian, and the entire fox crew thanks for sticking with us tonight.
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good night and thank you for watching fox ufc saturday. demetrious johnson prevails holding on to his flyweight captioned by closed captioning services, inc. a suspicious device shuts down a busy san francisco intersection. what we've learned tonight. >> thousands march in support of gun control today. what the protesters hope to accomplish. >> and a police pursuit in the east bay turns deadly. why the driver was running from officers.
7:22 pm
. good evening. thank you for joining us for this late edition of channel 2news. >> san francisco police shut down a busy intersection in chinatown this afternoon to investigate a suspicious package. the bomb squad was called to vallejo and stockton streets just after 1:30 p.m. that's where someone spotted a suspicious metal briefcase on the sidewalk. pedestrians were evacuated and local businesses were told to shelter in place. >> it was a metal case and we had no other way to determine what it was, other than just because there was so much pedestrian, vehicle traffic, just tons of people out here. so we had to error on safety. >> a robotic device recovered the object. san francisco police say they took it to an undisclosed location and, quote, rendered it safe. two people are safe tonight after a boat accident sent the parent to the chilly water just outside the bay. a tug boat collided with the sailboat about 3:00 this afternoon.
7:23 pm
a mile or so just past the golden gate bridge. the coastguard says the tug boat was escorting a barge to sea when it collided with the sailboat. the force of the impact threw two people into the water and sunk the sailboat. >> they were rescued by golden gate crew and a crew from san francisco fire department. >> paramedics checked out the two victims and determined they were not injured. there is no word yet what caused the collision. the coastguard says the tug boat and the barge were both ordered back to port so the crews could be questioned. from gun buybacks to marches, the controversy over gun control was front and center across the nation and here in the bay area. ktvu's noelle walker is live at a town hall meeting. >> reporter: the meeting at this church tonight was an open forum to talk about anything, but most of the comment cards turned in had to do with gun control. the pews of a san francisco church were full. the prayer books replaced with
7:24 pm
comment cards. >> -- if you are unarmed-- >> i think everyone feels they need to have a gun to protect themselves at 3:00 a.m. from the burglar that's coming into their home. >> reporter: gun control was the hot topic at a town hall meeting hosted by congresswoman jackie spear, a survivor of the mass shooting at jonestown and an advocate for gun control. but in this church, she wasn't always preaching to the choir. >> felons shouldn't have the gun to begin with. if you put them away like they are supposed to be, you won't have as many people dying. >> i think you would be foolish if we presume that the only reason why there is gun violence in this country -- (indiscernible) >> reporter: today in san mateo, people lined up for a gun buyback. >> we're definitely going to go through all of our money. >> one, two, three, and four for you. >> reporter: $100 for a
7:25 pm
handgun, shotgun, or rifle. $200 for an assault weapon. >> lot of guns. >> can't sell them any other way. >> reporter: the san mateo county sheriff's department collected piles of guns. while some put down their arms, others picked up signs. >> tapping into the awesome power of moms and dads and families to make change happen. >> reporter: a million moms for gun control march in san francisco was one of 12 marches across the country today. now, senator spear -- rather congresswoman spear was at the gun buyback today. she sent out a tweet about 9 minutes ago, saying the street sweeper made me realize voluntary gun bribes an important part of gun violence prevention. they got 680 weapons at that gun buyback, 24 of them assault weapons. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2news. ♪ thousands of gun control advocates gathered for a march in washington, dc today, from
7:26 pm
the capitol to the washington monument. many of them carried signs with the names of shooting victims. speakers included education secretary orrin duncan and actress kathleen turner. about a hundred residents of newtown took part in the march. organizers say it was the mass shooting there that left 20 school children dead that prompted them to act. not everyone agreed with the marchers. a small group of gun rights supporters staged a counter protest. they held signs dekraaiing proposed new gun control laws. one protester said, quote, without armed citizens, this country wouldn't exist. police holding a gun buyback in seattle were surprised when someone turned in a surface to aramis ill launcher. police say the russian-made missile is not operable. it was among hundreds of guns turned in today. so many people showed up that police had to end it early when the supply of gift cards ran out. in oakland, veteran police officer shot while on duty last night is expected to recover. police say the officer was responding to a car crash at the intersection of east 12th
7:27 pm
street and 48th avenue in the fruitvale district. when officers arrived on the scene, one of the drivers ran off. police heard gunshots and went to investigate. they say that's when one suspect opened fire. the officer was hit in the leg, but still chased the suspect for a block and a half until the man surrendered. also in oakland, police are searching tonight for the driver involved in an accident that left a teenage passenger dead. as alex savage tells us, highway patrol officers were chasing a stolen suv when it crashed. >> reporter: the out-of-control suv plowed into this tree in the oakland hills early this morning, with a total of eight people inside. paramedics transported six of them with various injuries and an oakland police sergeant told me one of the passengers, a 19- year-old man, later died. >> we just saw the truck go up into the, that rock. looked like the rock over there, and then the tree, and turned sideways. i thought it was going to flip over, but it didn't. >> reporter: police say this stolen suv was speeding down a steep hill, with chp officers
7:28 pm
in pursuit, when the driver veered off the roadway. >> i'm an rn and i came running because i heard the crash and that's what i'm wired to do. but i was afraid to go and see if somebody was hurt, because i was afraid they would think i was the bad guy. >> reporter: investigators say two men in the suv ran off after the crash. officers caught one of them right away, but the second man, who police say was the driver, managed to escape. this chase actually began in el cerito, when police there tried pulling over the suv. chp officers took over the pursuit on 580 near downtown oakland and the driver  eventually crashed on legion fields drive. >> when you take these extreme measures to avoid one crime, you just multiply that and you do jeopardize the safety and lives of everybody else on the street. >> reporter: the driver who crashed the suv into this tree this morning could be in some
7:29 pm
serious trouble, because one of his passengers died. a sergeant told me the driver will likely face vehicular manslaughter charges. alex savage, ktvu channel 2news. authorities say a woman was killed after she was struck by a pickup truck last night in palo alto. the accident happened around 8:00 p.m. the victim, a woman in her seventies, was crossing embarcadero road between walnut drive and brett heart street when she was hit. she was taken to the hospital, where she died. police say she was not in a crosswalk. the driver stopped immediately after the accident and is cooperating with police. in fairfield, fire crews will spend the night watching for hot spots at the scene of a fire that gutted a comedy club. the towering five-alarm fire broke out just before 7:00 last night at the original pepper bellies comedy and variety theater on texas street. it took three hours to get the fire under control. nobody was hurt. the club has been a staple in the fairfield area for a quarter century. investigators say it appears the business is a

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